Before Angry Birds, There Was Castle Clout: Hit Game Arrives For iPhone® And iPad®

San Mateo, CA | July 25, 2011
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Call it the game that launched a thousand angry birds. But when Liam Bowmer created a medieval siege game called Castle Clout in 2008, he had no idea that he might be at the beginning of a massive pop culture phenomenon.

Quick, name that game: Fling crazy ammunition to destroy the walls of the castle and topple your enemies. Angry Birds? Actually, Castle Clout. Everybody knows the name of the game that took the app world by storm in 2010. But the creators of Angry Birds have said their massive mobile hit drew inspiration from other games. One of those games is undoubtedly Castle Clout, which became a online viral hit in 2008 and quickly launched a wave of artillery physics games. By 2009, Castle Clout and its sequel had millions of plays, even inspiring a successful authorized remake called Crush the Castle.

That’s when casual game developer Selectsoft stepped in and acquired the rights to the Castle Clout IP. Selectsoft VP Edgar Chen explains the decision: “I saw the potential for Castle Clout to go beyond the online Flash game platform. I was sure that the Castle Clout game mechanic would translate well to the iPhone. I thought it could be an incredible new experience on the iPhone touch screen.”

As it turns out, another game would end up proving the point. Angry Birds used similar gameplay and achieved enormous success on the iPhone®, becoming a pop culture phenomenon in the process. “The success of Angry Birds is simply mind-blowing. We are actually thrilled that Angry Birds has brought much attention to this game mechanic. It’s been amazing to see how Liam Bowmer’s original Castle Clout inspired all of this, and I’m just hopeful that we will gradually see the original Castle Clout get a little credit for that inspiration.”

It’s taken over a year to get Castle Clout iOS ready for both iPhone® and iPad®, with simultaneous development of new versions for the PC and Nintendo 3DS platform. However, Selectsoft VP Edgar Chen is philosophical about the long process. “When we chose to add support for the iPad® it inevitably created production delays. Despite that, it was important to us to ensure this game was done right. We made a great effort to improve the polish but keep true to the Castle Clout experience.”

Now that patience is paying off. Castle Clout iOS is ready to hit Apple’s App Store this fall and Selectsoft hopes its special blend of medieval artillery action will capture both existing fans and new players alike.



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September 2008:  Castle Clout first releases as an online game.  Goes viral and becomes a huge hit with millions of plays, fueling the popularity of artillery physics games.
February 2009: A sequel, Castle Clout:  Return of the King, is released and surpasses the original in popularity.
June 2009:  Liam Bowmer, the original creator of Castle Clout, grants permission to Armor Games to create a remake of Castle Clout named Crush the Castle. Crush the Castle achieves commercial success.
August 2009:  Selectsoft acquires the rights to the Castle Clout IP from Liam Bowmer.
September 2009:  Crush the Castle is released for iPhone®.
December 2009:  Angry Birds is released for iPhone®.
January 2010:  Selectsoft begins development for Castle Clout 3 for the PC and Castle Clout for iOS.
April 2011: Selectsoft releases Castle Clout 3: A New Age as an online flash game, developed in partnership with the game studio Teyon.  Within 4 months, Castle Clout 3 reaches nearly 6 million game plays, averaging 1.5 million plays a month. As of July 2011, the Castle Clout series has over 45 million plays (gameplay data based on actual ad impressions tracked by Mochi Ads; real number of plays may be higher).
June 2011:  Selectsoft announces at E3 the production development of Castle Clout 3D for the Nintendo 3DS platform.


References and Notes
“Now, some people do have a semblance of constructive criticism concerning the game. The most popular is that Angry Birds is essentially a re-skin of the Flash game Crush the Castle.”
From the artist of Crush the Castle:  “Just for everyone who’s talking about Angry Birds, the original Crush the Castle predates it by quite a bit. Prior to that even, we borrowed the idea (with permission) from the much lesser known Castle Clout.”
“Little bit of history on this game, just about every one at the office here loved Castle Clout by Liam Bowmers so we decided to make our own version. We were lucky enough to get permission from Liam as well.”
“Crush the Castle went on to inspire another popular physics-based game, Angry Birds.”
From the CEO of Rovio: “The inspiration probably came from other games -- Angry Birds definitely has a mixture of games in it.”