Castle Clout Hits Top 100 Games in App Store

San Mateo, CA | October 3, 2011
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Selectsoft's medieval siege game Castle Clout has stormed its way into the top 100 iPhone® games on the App Store. Featuring exciting trebuchet action, smooth touch controls, a powerful build-and-share level editor, and fun enemy-squashing sound effects, the addictive app has also reached the top 15 in Adventure games and top 10 for the Strategy games chart.

Developed by Selectsoft in partnership with Teyon, Castle Clout for iPhone® and iPad® was recently updated and now features even better performance and improved gameplay. "It appears our last update had a huge impact," comments Selectsoft VP Edgar Chen. The game first became a web hit in 2008, eventually garnering over 35 million online plays. Now Castle Clout has made the top charts on the App Store as well. "We’re absolutely thrilled to see Castle Clout make it to the Top 100 Games," says Chen. "We have always felt from the start that Castle Clout had huge potential…and we are thankful to see how players have supported our app on the App Store."

Castle Clout for iPhone® and iPad® features a special blend of medieval artillery action and strategy as players plot how best to obliterate their enemies. Choose between classic tap controls and precision directional aiming to fine-tune your angle of attack, then release at the right moment to maximize the damage you inflict. Listen to the agonized cries of your defeated foes while you smash their castles to smithereens!

Feature Highlights:

Build and Share Levels - Design amazing structures using different wall materials and defensive objects, then share your creation for everyone to play.

150 Levels Plus Unlimited Shared Maps - Earn trophies and enjoy free access to unlimited community-created shared levels.

OpenFeint Integration - Win 13 achievements and climb global online leaderboards.

2 Control Modes - Choose between classic tap controls and precision directional aiming.

Multiple Types Of Enemies And Ammo - Destroy your foes with boulders, bombs, plagues and more.

Realistic Physics

Retina Support

Castle Clout is available for $.99 for the iPhone® and $1.99 for iPad®. Review copies are available upon request.

Castle Clout for iPhone® product page at
Castle Clout for iPad® product page at
Castle Clout on iTunes: Regular and HD

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